Session Topics

This symposium offers a unique multidisciplinary touch from microscale engineering to separation sciences and their applications with the following conference topics.

  • Advances in microscale CE and LC separations
  • New trends in MS and IMS for bioanalysis
  • Nanoscale separation systems for interaction studies
  • Microscale sample preparation for bioanalysis
  • Pharma and biopharma applications
  • Biomarkers for precision medicines
  • Microscale separations for -omics sciences
  • Native protein separation and detection
  • Materials for microfluidic/lab-on-chip systems
  • Digital microfluidics, droplet microfluidics, centrifugal microfluidics
  • Sensor fabrication technologies (3D printing, lithography, etc.)
  • Biomarkers and functionalization
  • Microfluidic platforms for integrated separation and detection
  • Point-of-care devices / from lab-on-chip systems towards applications
  • Advances in organ-on-chip engineering